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What Is A Home Addition?

It can be challenging to find the perfect home in Miami with everything you want. One home in Miami can have more than enough rooms but not enough bathrooms. Another could have everything you need except space for an office where you can work remotely. Although things typically don’t go the way we intend in Miami, there remains a way to get exactly what you want: a home addition.

A home addition is an expansion of a home in Miami. This is meant to increase a home’s living space and the functionality of an existing space. When seeking a home addition in Miami, you expect to add a new room to your space, either by extending an existing area or by constructing a standalone structure adjacent to your house.

A home addition in Miami can be a small-scale project, like adding a new bathroom to your home or a large-scale renovation that improves multiple rooms and expands your home. A home addition in Miami will meet or even exceed the expectations of homeowners, whether they are accommodating a growing family, creating a home gym, adding a guest room, or simply increasing the value of their home. This will significantly improve the livability and comfort of a home.

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Types of Home Additions

As we have mentioned, there are many different types of Miami home additions for your space. Do you need a guest room for your always-visiting in-laws? Do you need a new bathroom to get ready in peace? The home additions listed here might be exactly what your home needs:


Families grow all the time, and you could see a new addition to your home relatively soon. In case this occurs, you will notice that the rooms in your home are limited, causing someone to be left out of getting their own room. To spread the wealth, you should look into getting a bedroom addition for your home.


A typical bedroom addition might not be what you’re looking for. Maybe you’re looking for something more unique, like an attic addition that will convert this area into a livable space. Attic additions are popular among homeowners who want to add another living space without changing the exterior appearance of their homes. The structure of an attic also gives a room a unique look and atmosphere. In order to attain this, you will need to ensure that the space is accessible and livable.

To do this, ensure there is headroom and space to come and go with ease. This space will also need to be properly insulated and ventilated. This process can see your roof reinforced, new flooring, new walls, and even a new ceiling installed to create a livable space. Not to mention new windows to provide your space with natural lighting.


Nothing is more infuriating than desperately needing to use the bathroom only to have a family member spend what feels like an eternity in there. This is one of the many reasons a Miami homeowners seek a bathroom addition. With this, you can finally have your own bathroom to handle your business and get a break from your family.

And More!

The perfect Miami home addition you are looking for can go beyond adding a new bedroom or bathroom to your humble abode. Do you want to get some gains in the comfort of your home? A home gym addition will do just that.

A home office addition will give you a private workspace so you can work remotely without interruptions. Whether you want a sunroom or something more, home additions can do a lot more for your home. Better Built Builders is just the team to provide you with this, so give us a call whenever you want to take your home to the next level.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of home additions does BBB do?

BBB completes all kinds of home additions, including bedroom and bathroom additions for a growing family.

How much will a home addition cost?

The cost of completing a home addition depends on what that home addition is, and we will provide you with an estimate once we have all the information.

How long will it take to complete a home addition?

A home addition will usually take three or four months to complete, but it ultimately depends on the scope of the addition.

Are permits required for home additions?

Yes, because a room or home addition will involve significant changes to your home’s foundation. That said, we will take care of obtaining those permits for you.

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